Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid or Piles refer to the swelling and enlargement of the blood veins near the anal region. The condition is marked with pain and bleeding from the anus, usually during the passing of stools.


Piles is one of the most common medical conditions in the recent times. In fact, it is estimated that roughly fifty percent of the American population is suffering from this problem in varying degrees. The condition is caused due to a number of reasons. However, bad food habits, improper lifestyles and addiction to tobacco, and alcohol are some of the major contributors to the increasing number of people suffering from this condition. A major problem in the treatment of this condition is the stigma attached with it and hence most people do not seek the advice of a doctor, to get the condition treated. This further leads to an aggravated condition.


It is therefore important to address the condition in the most initial stages. This is because, in the initial stages, the condition can be treated easily and would not even take much time. As it is, the condition in the later stages can prove to be very painful and the ultimate way out in many of the times is surgery.


One of the best ways to avoid piles is to avoid constipation. A person suffering from constipation tends to exert pressure, while passing of stools and this leads to piles. For this you will have to ensure a proper intake of foods, which are rich in fiber and roughage. Rich intake of fiber and roughage is quite helpful in keeping constipation at bay. You can also avoid constipation by drinking lots of water and juices. You should always drink eight to ten glasses of water everyday.


Smoking and alcoholism are other main causes of this problem. Although these habits are not directly responsible, however, they tend to tend to hamper the natural bowel movement, which leads to piles. Lack of proper exercise is another major cause of this condition. Inadequate exercise leads to obesity, which hampers proper bowel movement. it is therefore important that you exercise regularly. Exercise improves the metabolism rate of the body, improves the oxygen intake, improves the blood flow in the body, reduces obesity and helps in proper bowel functioning.


Hemorrhoid can make your life complete hell. Apart from causing immense pain, it also interferes in your daily work. It is therefore important to get it treated as soon as possible. This is because in the later stages, surgery remains the only option.


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